Variable Data Publishing

Panther Graphics has the most robust variable data software in the industry.  We can swap images or text based on the database and we can do it efficiently and cost effectively.  Simple projects like changing the first name of the recipient on a postcard up to complicated projects with images and multiple databases are no problem for Panther Graphics.  Please contact us today for a demo on how a VDP project can help increase your ROI.
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E-Mail Campaigns

Part of a strong crossmedia campaign is the e-mail component.  Coupling an e-mail campaign with a direct mail campaign and a social connection is the most effective way to use direct marketing.  Panther can help you deploy an email campaign that looks professional and is comliant with the Gov't CAN-SPAM act.  We can also provide reports and analytics such as open, read, deleted, bounced, unsubscribed, etc.  

Mobile Marketing (QR Codes)

Quick Response codes are 2D barcodes that you scan with your smartphone and connect you with more information on the subject matter you are researching.  For example if you are reading a magazine and there is an ad for Nike that piques your interest there may be a mobile barcode for you to learn more about the product.  Likewise you see these on billboards, vehicle graphics, direct mail and bus stations.  They are easy to use and convenient.  Keep in mind your site must be mobile optimized so the recipient has a user friendly experience.  To prove the effectiveness of direct mail the United States Post Office is offering a 3% discount on postage for any direct mail piece that has a QR code on it.  The goal is to show a connection between the web and direct mail. 

How does a QR Code work?

Personalized URL's (pURL's)

A personalized URL also known as a pURL or rURL or microsite is a personalized website that is customized to the recipient based on the name or some other piece of information from a database source.  Most commonly a URL will be something like and the recipient will be driven to their pURL via a variable data direct mail piece or a variable data e-mail.  Once the recipient keys in their pURL a report is generated you know exactly who responded, furthermore if the recipient then answers a series of questions or fills out the form the information writes back to a database that is give back to the client to use for future marketing efforts.  This is a way to measure direct marketing and hone in your customers wants and needs to create relevant marketing touches. 

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Panther Graphics has the ability to create interactive virtual documents that are easy to use and cost effective.  For example if you have a multiple page document that you would like to publish online we can convert the PDF pages to interactive pages with links and embedded audio or video. 

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