Midstates Group Introduces PLUS Postal & Logistics Unified System

Postage and freight can account for more than 50% of a project’s cost in today’s market space. To reduce these costs and maintain in-home mail dates and package deadlines we introduce an innovative system for handling mail and logistic freight that incorporates cutting-edge distribution and price models. With PLUS, Midstates Group delivers cost-effective postage and freight handling to customers nationwide.

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List Prep and Sorting

We use the most innovative software to get you the best postage rates.  We know you don't want to spend any more money than you have to on postage.  We save our customers over 30% on postage by pre-sorting the mailing list and doing the necessary prep work to get the savings.  We can consolidate and co-mail larger projects to ensure the postage savings are taken advantage.  For a free consultation on your mailing program please contact us today. 

Database Management

Panther has the team and the knowledge to mine your data and extract the information you want.  For example if you would like to send a postcard reminding past customers to order and you need us to sort, slice and mine your data we are capable of helping with that project.  We would start with a discovery process of what your needs and expectation are and then work with you to satisfy your needs. 

Target Marketing List Purchasing

We have multiple partners in the mail list industry to purchase lists based on demographics, psychographics and business selects so that you can ensure your marketing is hitting the right audience.