by Erinn Coe

In my 6 very quick years that I have worked for Panther, one of the things I have learned is that Customer Service is vital to our success. So important that we made it our number one Core Value as a company. Our clients make the Panther globe go round and we are so very appreciative of the work they have given us in the 35 years we have been in business.

When we decided to take the leap to not only move locations but to refresh our brand and look, we sat down with a focus group of Panther team members and talked about what we do well and what we need to improve on. Customer service came up at both ends of the spectrum. We have many clients who have stuck with us over time because of the service they have received from our team. There are also those that left us because we dropped the ball in the service department. I can attest to the fact that we are not perfect nor will we ever be. BUT, we can learn from those mistakes and move forward as an improved company. That’s what defines you, right?

I found a few different articles about the difference between customers and clients that peaked my interest. I even spoke to a Ph.D. retired marketing expert on the difference between a ‘customer’ and a ‘client’. His professional opinion was that client is a term used for more professional services and a customer was more of a retail buyer. It is my belief that Panther offers a professional service and that we pride ourselves on being viewed as a partner rather than a vendor. Creating a client experience and being a print consultant is something we have improved on and done well, with a few bumps in the road. We want our clients to know that they can lean on us with any questions or knowledge on the latest trends and options for their company print, big or small.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks: this week has been dubbed by some as ‘National Customer Service Week’ and while we try to offer our clients updates, trends, news and specials, I wanted to create a post that is focused on our sole Client Service Representative and Project Manager, Kailey Miller. You may hear her friendly voice on the phone, but she does so much more for this company than just answer calls. As the only CSR on staff, Kailey has a touch on each and every one of your jobs that flow through this building. She is in charge of managing your projects through each production process and works directly with our clients on design, proofing, mailing and delivery. Time and again she has shown that she has a dedication for Panther and the clients she works with. She can answer just about any question at any given time on any job in the building. It is truly remarkable to have someone like her on staff and we hope to keep her around for another five and a half years and then some (she hits the 6 year mark on March 30th, 2020).

“Kailey is great to work with.  We’ve had literally hundreds of interactions with her and she’s always the same: friendly, helpful, professional…all the time.”
–Garrett Gross, Age Media

“I absolutely love working with Kailey. She is so prompt in all of her work, willing to help with any project, and always has a super positive attitude. She hands down is the best customer service representative I work with, and helps to carry out all of our projects seamlessly.”
–Emily Olson, Hog Slat

“Kailey is great to have as a Customer Service Representative from Panther. She is always helpful, responds promptly and has a great attitude. It is a pleasure to work with her.”
–Brian Cooper, Maguire Iron

Thank you, Kailey for all you have done for us and our clients. We appreciate you more than you know!

For more information on how to offer YOUR clients (or customers) top-notch service, check out this article by Stephen Shander, COO of SAP.