The leaders of our brands have been working together to provide a plan to our customers and staff during this ever-changing COVID-19 environment. Our current state of operations allows us to remain open for business to continue serving our customers while having the best interest of our team member’s safety and health. We have seen little to no impact on deliveries or supplies at this time further supporting that decision.

We are actively advising all team members on CDC approved preventative measures. We are installing several additional sanitation stations throughout our facilities. We are eliminating all non-essential business travel for staff. We are limiting face-to-face meetings with customers and vendors. We are asking anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to immediately be tested.

The state of South Dakota’s most recent information states that 10 positive test results for COVID-19 have been confirmed. We are fortunate to have zero confirmed in Brown County (Midstates Group and QQP) and only four in Minnehaha County (Panther).

Our commitment to our customers continues. As we monitor the information available, we will work hard to provide updates to each of you through email campaigns and notifications on each website. This will be a day-to-day evaluation from our company’s leaders collaboratively. We will focus our decisions on how best to meet our customer’s expectations while ensuring our team members safety.

You are welcome to contact your representative at Midstates Group, Panther Premier Print Solutions, or Quality Quick Print and they will promptly escalate your calls to the appropriate member of our leadership.

Aaron Mell