As the world continues to turn, so do the cylinders in our presses. It’s hard to say what the new normal is going to look like but regardless, we should always be prepared for change. Sometimes going back to the basics helps us get our footing and allows us to take a deep breath to see things a bit clearer. In our case, we want to make sure that our clients and prospects know what to expect when working with us. Enter: The Partner Process

The Partner Process is a simple summary of the who, what, when why and how partnering with us works. First and foremost, know that our commitment to our clients is to always strive for client retention and satisfaction. We want you to view us as a partner, not just a vendor. But sometimes, we can’t always get what we want. Just know that each project that moves in and out of these doors is cared for just as much as the next.

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  • Sales team initiates a conversation to listen to and learn about you: This is important because we are not the right partner for all businesses. It is an unreal expectation to try and be everything to everyone and we are aware of that. That is why the discovery process if so important.
  • Identify you print and promotional needs: What is it that YOU are looking for in a print partner? Is it quality? Speed? Price? Each of our clients vary so getting to know your needs is super important to us. The better we know you, the better all-around service we can give you.
  • Provide the best solution to achieve your desired outcome: We know what we excel in and what we can improve on. We also have a well-rounded staff who come up with print solutions on a daily basis to give you the best-possible product.


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  • Custom proposal developed and submitted to you: This may be as simple as a one-line quote or complex as a multiple-page two year contract. We try to find the best fit for each client and offer that solution within our proposal.
  • Sales team member to follow up on your proposal within 24 hours: 1 business day is a good rule of thumb but sometimes you need more time to review it and we can respect that! We are here to answer your questions and help you decipher some of those crazy printer terms.
  • Proposal revisions are made until it is agreed upon by you and Panther: If we missed something on your original proposal or you want to see other options, no worries. We got your back! We want to work together to make sure we find the best solution for your company and we know that can take time.

This should be enough to get your gears turning. Stay tuned for part two of The Partner Process! Can’t wait for the second part? Take a sneak peek by downloading our Partner Process Brochure.